Hey guys, I made a book! I had the idea to compile my #drawlloween drawings with the accompanying poems by D.C into a book months ago, but only finished designing and making the book this past January. It was great fun designing it, but I think I may have enjoyed binding it and working with board, glue and black linen to make the hard covers the most. I’ll post some photos in my stories as well. 🎧 by Danny Elfman from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack.

I was approached a few weeks ago by someone with a real passion for art named Paris, to be filmed for their YouTube channel. Filmartist productions create wonderfully crafted 30sec glimpses into the studios and art of local Toronto Artists. I, of course was thrilled! (and nervous). The filming took only one hour at my studio—she filmed me working on my current piece and we discussed my work. It was a blast, and I was not nervous at all in the end. I’m so thrilled with the outcome of that day, my work was showcased beautifully and my cat Hibou even had a cameo. There is also a short interview that you can read here.

Sometime late at night in 2009, I made a quick sketch of a forest and two crows flying through it. I later took a hike through Rouge Valley with my mom and took some photos for inspiration and for research purposes (one of them you will see below) for this piece. I believe I worked on this piece over that year and then abandoned it for some reason or other. I rarely do that. About 4 years later (!) I have decided to finish it. I have not worked in acrylic for quite some time, but I don’t find it too difficult a transition from my more current medium of choice (watercolour). It is much more forgiving, but does not afford you the same sharp lines that watercolour can. This is the first piece that I recall documenting its process, so I thought I would show you its progress up until now. Hopefully I will have more updates to show as I (finally) finish this piece. …………………………… March 20th, 2015: To this day, I have not finished this painting…maybe one day!  

Only 2 weeks to go until the Spring Arts Market at the Gladstone. Ive been working on some new pieces over the last few weeks and thought I would give you a sneak peak. I’m new to working with the bracelet materials—but after some practice and research, I figured out how to make them work the way I envisioned. My aim was to give them an earthy look, but also be comfortable to wear. The rings are adjustable in size and light weight. I especially like how the locket rings turned out.

I’ve been working on my cousin’s wedding invite for the past few weeks—I’ve always wanted to design something like this. I wanted to create something classy, yet not stuffy. With direction from my coz as to what she was looking for, I decided to paint a large gardenia and two cabbage roses on either side. The colours used reflect the colours that will be used in the wedding. In the end I chose a moss shade of green instead of bright green for the leaves to give it an antique look. Looking forward to seeing how it looks on the invitations!