Back into the woods I go!

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Sometime late at night in 2009, I made a quick sketch of a forest and two crows flying through it. I later took a hike through Rouge Valley with my mom and took some photos for inspiration and for research purposes (one of them you will see below) for this piece. I believe I worked on this piece over that year and then abandoned it for some reason or other. I rarely do that. About 4 years later (!) I have decided to finish it. I have not worked in acrylic for quite some time, but I don’t find it too difficult a transition from my more current medium of choice (watercolour). It is much more forgiving, but does not afford you the same sharp lines that watercolour can. This is the first piece that I recall documenting its process, so I thought I would show you its progress up until now. Hopefully I will have more updates to show as I (finally) finish this piece.

March 20th, 2015: To this day, I have not finished this painting…maybe one day!